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American Bourbon/Whiskey
9A Sngl  Malt (NY)
Amador Small Batch (10)
Amadore Double Barrel
American Born Straight BRBN (IN)
Angels Envy (limited)
Angels Envy Rye (limited)
Ancient Age
Backbone Bourbon
Bad Sweeater Holiday Whiskey (CA)
Balcones (TX)
Bardstown Brbn (KY)
Bardstown Ferrand 55%
Bardstown  Discovery 55.55%
Barrel Dovetail 61,27% (KY)
Barrel Infinite cask
Basil Hayden's
Belle Mead (TN)
Belle Mead Sour Mash (TN)
Belmont Farm Kopper Kettle
Ben Prichard Sweet Lucifer
Bernheim Wheat
Bib & Tucker
Bird Dog
Black Draft (WV)
Black Maple Hill
Blackened (NY)
Blackwater (limited production)
Blantons  (very limited)
Blue Dyer (MD)
Breuckelen 77 Whiskey (NY)
Boone & Crockett Club  (MI)
Bower Hill Spec Ed.  54% (KY)
Bowman (Isaac) (limited)
Bowman Brothers (VA)
Breckenridge (CO)
Breuckelen 77 Whiskey Rye (NY)
Breckenridge Port Cask (CO)
Buffalo Trace (limited)
Buffalo Trace White Dog
Calumet (10)
Calumet (12)
Calumet Small Batch
Cask & Crew Orange Roast (NY)
Cask & Crew Rye (NY)
Cedar Ridge (IA)
Classic Cask  (15)
Clear Creek (WA)
Clyde May's
Clyde May's Special Reserve
Clyde May's Rye
Cody Road (IA)
Cody Road Rye (IA)
Col. Taylor
Copper Fox sngl malt (VA)
Corner Creek
Cowboy Little Barrel (CA)
Cream of Kentucky 12.3 - limited
Cutwater Bird Dog (CA)
Cutwater Black Skimmer (CA)
Dad's Hat Rye B-i-B (PA)
Dancing Goat Limousin Rye (WI)
David Nicholson 1843
David Nicholson Reserve
Deadwood Tumblin Dice Rye
Defiant sngl Malt (NC)
Dettling sngl Barrel (AL)
Dettling six Grain (AL)
Devils River sml Batch (TX)
Devils River Rye (TX)
Diamond State Pot Still (DE)
Diamiond State Rye (DE)
Douglas & Todd (MN)
Duke (KY)
Duke dbl Barrel Rye (KY)
Early Times
Eagle Rare (limited)
Elija Craig
Elmer T. Lee (limited)
Evan Williams
Ezra Brooks
Ezra Brooks Old Ezra 7yrs
Falls Church Brbn (VA)
Fighting Cock
Filibuster Rye (VA)
Fistful of Bourbon (NJ)
Foolery (OH)
Four Roses
G. Stagg 2017 BTAC (very limited)
Garrison Brothers (TX) (limited)
Gentleman Jack
George Dickel
George Dickel BiB (limited)
Gun Fighter (SC)
Henry McKenna
Heritage Batch 12
Heaven's Door
Heaven's Door Double Bourbon
Heaven's Door Bootleg (very limited)
Hillrock Solera (NY)
Hillrock Sngl Malt (NY)
Hotel Tango BRBN (IN)
Hotel Tango Rye (IN)
Howler Head Banana
Hudson Baby Bourbon (NY)
Hudson Manhattan Rye (NY)
Hughes Belle of Bedford Rye 104
Hughes Belle of Bedford Rye 107.47
Hunter & Scott 48% (VA)
I.W. Harper
Idle Hands 47.5% (MI)
J. Riddle (USA MI)
J.W. Kelly & Co (TN
Jacob's Well
Jefferson's (10)
Jefferson Twin Oak
Jefferson Ocean
Jack Daniel's
Jack Daniel's No. 27 (limited)
Jack Daniel's Sngl Brl Proof
James Oliver (OR)
James Pepper 100
James Pepper  (15)
Jim Beam
Joseph Magnus (IN)
Journeyman Featherbone (MI)
Journeyman Feather Rye (MI)
Journeyman Silver Cross (MI)
Kentucky Gentleman
Kentucky Tavern
Kinsey 10yrs (PA)
Kopper Kettle (VA)
Koval sngl Barrel (IL)
Larceny Rye
Laws Whisky House Four Grain (CO)
Laws Whisky House 6yrs (CO)
Laws Whisky House Rye (CO)
Leadslingers  (OK)
Legent Two True
Leopold Brothers sml batch (CO)
Litchfield dbl Brld BRBN (CT)
Litchfield Port cask (CT)
Lone Whisker  (12)
Lost Whiskyey Club sngl Brbl (VA)
Lusty Claw
Magnus Trpl Cask 100% (KY)
Maker's Mark
Maker's Mark 46
Medley Bros. Herritage (CA)
Michter's Sngl Barrel
Michter's Sour Mash
Michter's Small Batch
Michter's Rye
Minhas Chinook Rye (WI)
Murlarkey Heritage (VA)
Murlarkey Smokehouse (VA)
Noah's Mill (KY)
Noc House Cask & Crew Rye  (NY)
Not Your Father's Bourbon (WI)
Old Bardstown 90 & 101 (KY)
Old Bardstown Prisoner (KY)
Old Bardstown Fusion (KY)
Old Crow
Old Elk (4 CO)
Old Forester
Old Grand Dad
Old Hickory Straight Brbn (IN)
Old Line (VA)
Old Overholt Rye (KY)
Old Pepper sngl brl Rye (KY)
Old Taylor
One Eight Distilling (D.C.)
Peerless Straight Rye (KY)
Pikesville Rye
Pine Barrens Batch No.19
Pinhook Straight (KY)
Pinhook Rye (KY)
Pinhook Bourbon War (KY)
Prichard's Dbl Barreled BRB (TN)
Rabbit Hole Rye (KY)
Rabbit Hole Heigold (KY)
Rabbit Hole Daringer (KY)
Ragged Branch Wheat (VA)
Resurgent (PA)
Revival (USA SC)
Revelations Corn Whisky (VA)
Rebel Yell
Redemption Rye Haystack (12)
Redwood Empire
Remus Straight (IN)
Remus Repeal RSV (IN)
Reservoir Holland's Ghost (VA)
Reservoir Blade Rummer (VA)
Resurgent (PA)
Ridgemont Reserve 1972
Rittenhouse Rye 100%
Rock Town (AR)
Rogue Dead Guy (OR)
Rough Rider (NY)
Rough Rider Rye (NY)
Rough Rider Warrior (NY)
Rowan's Creek (KY)
Russel's Rye
Sagamore (MD)
Sagamore Cask (MD)
Sagamore Vintner's (MD)
Savage & Cooke Burning Chair (CA)
Savage & Cooke Straight Rye (CA)
Sazerac Rye
Screwball Peanut Butter (CA)
Sheep Dog Peanut Butter (KY)
Slow Hand White (CA)
Smooth Ambler Contradiction
Smooth Ambler Old Scout
Smooth Ambler  Wheated
Southwell (12)
Spring 44 sngl Malt (CO)
Sqirrl Peanut Butter (IL)
St. George Breaking & Entering (CA)
St. George Baller Sngl Malt (CA)
St. Liberty Josephine Rye (TN)
Starlight Carl T. (IN)
Stolen Whiskey
Stolen X Rye
Stranahan's (CO)
Southern Tier S'mores
Taconic Rye (NY)
Ten High
Tenth Ward Smoked Corn (MD)
The Clover sngl Barrel (IN 4yrs)
The Clover TN straight (IN 10yrs)
The Justice (TN)
The Emerald (OR)
The Wiseman Strght Brbn (LA)

Tin Cup (CO)
Tobacco Barn (MD)
Tommy Bahamas (WA)
Tumblin Dice Rye 100 proof (KY)
Tumblin Dice Rye 110 Proof (KY)
Twin Valley (MD)
Two James Grass Widow (MI)
Two James J. Riddle (MI)
Uncle Nearest 1856 (TN)
Uncle Nearest 1884 (TN)
Untitled No. 13 (D.C.)

American Bourbon/Whiskey
VA Distillery
Valentine Dist. Mayor Pingree (MI)
Virginia Dist. (VA)  Port Cask
Virginia Dist. (VA) Highland
Virginia Gentleman
Wasmund's (VA)
Wasmund's White Rye (VA)
Wathen's sngl barrel (8)
Weller (limited)
Wigle Rye (PA)
Whistlepig 6yrs (VT)
Whistlepig 10 yrs (VT)
Whistlepig 12 yrs (VT)
Whistlepig Farmstock
Whistlepig The Boss Hog VIII (VT)
White Tiger Master Mason (MD)
White Tiger Lao (MD)

Wild Turkey
Wild Turkey Foregiven
Wild Turkey Longbranch
Wild Turkey Single Barrel
Wild Turkey Wild Breed
Wilderness Trail Rye
Widow Jane
Wilderness Trail Rye
Willett (Limited)
Willett Straight Rye (Limited)
Woodford Reserve
Woodford Rye
Woodinville (WA)
Yellow Rose Prem Coll #1 (TX)

Japanese Whisky
Fuji Blend
Fuji Single Grain
Fuyu Small Batch
Gyokusendo Shuzo Peak
Hakushu (12)
Hatozaki Finest
Hatozaki Small Batch
Hibiki Harmony
Ichiro's Chichibu
Iwai Whisky 45
Iwai Shinshu
Kaiyo Mizunara
Kamiki Maltage
Kangakoi sngl Grain (7)
Kojiki Blended
Komagatake 2019 limited edition
Kura sngl malt
Kurayoshi San-In
Nikka Taketsuru pure malt (12)
Nikka Miyagkyo sngl malt (12)
Nikka The Barrel
Nikka Yoichi
Bikoku Mal
Ohishi Sherry Cask
Shinobu Mizunara Pure Malt
Shinobu Mizunara (10)
Sun Peace X-Gold
The Fukano (dist from rice (10))
Teitessa (15)
Teitessa (21)
Suntory Hibiki (very limited)
Suntury Toki
Yamato small batch
Yamato Cask
Yamazaki (call for availability)


Bison Ridge (8)
Black Velvet
Canadian Club
Canadian Club Classic (12)
Canadian Hunter
Canadian Springs
Canadian Mist
Cask & Crew Straight Rye
Crown Royal - all flavors
Crown Royal Cask No. 16
Crown Royal Nobel Collection
Crown Royal Reserve
Crown Royal XR
Grande Canadian
Harwood Canadian
Lohin McKinnon Sngl Malt
Lord Calvert
Masterson's Rye
Pendleton Rye
Pendleton 1919 (12)
Windsor Canadian

Amrut Single Malt

Paul John

Bank Note (5)
Black Bush
Bunratty Potcheen
Bushmill's (10)
Bushmills (16)
Bushmills 1608
Bushmills (21)
Cu Chulainn
Clonakilty sngl Grain
Clontarf Blended
Clontarf Single Malt
Danny Boy
Duggan's Dew
Erin Go Bragh
Fighting 69
Glendalough 17yrs
Greenore (8)
Jameson (12)
Jameson Gold Reserve
Jameson (18)
Jameson Blender's Dog
Jameson Cooper's Croze
Jameson IPA
Jameson Stout
Knappogue Castle
Michael Collins
Paddy Flaherty
Roe & Co
Proper Twelve
Redbreast (12)
Redbreast Lustau
Sadler's Peaky Blinder
Temple Bar
The Pogues
Tullamore Dew
Wild Geese Irish Soldier
Writer's Tears Copper
Writer's Tears dbl Oak
Yellow (12)

French Whiskey   
Armori Dbl Maturation
Bastille 1789

Bastille Single Malt
Rozelieures Single Malt

Vicomte cask
Vicomte 8yrs

Scotch Blended
Ballantine's (17)
Ballantine's (18)
Bank Note (5)
Bank Note Peated RSV (5)
Big Peat
Black Prince
Black & White
Bladnoch Pure Scot
Boutique 35yrs
Boutique 50yrs
Buchanan's (18)
Campbeltown Loch
Clan MacGregor
Chivas Regal
Chivas Regal (18)
Chivas Regal Mizunara
Chivas Regal Royal Salute(21)
Chivas Regal  Ultis
Compass Box
    Spice Tree
    No Name No. 2
    Myths & Legends I & II & III
Copper Dog
Cutty Sark
Duggan's Dew

Famous Grouse
Famous Grouse (12)
Inver House
Isle of Skye (8)
J & B
JMR Peaty (US)
JMR Sweeter (US)
John Barr
John Sullivan
Johnnie Walker
Johnnie Walker Black
Johnnie Walker Double Black
Johnnie Walker Green
Johnnie Walker Gold
Johnnie Walker Gold Label
Johnnie Walker Platinum
Johnnie Walker Blue
Johnnie Walker Swing
King George IV
Knockando (18)
Lost Distillery Stratheden
Lost Distillery Towiemore
Mckinlay's 1907 Recreation
Monkey Shoulder
Old Smuggler
Pig's Nose
Pinch (Dimple)
Bladnoch Pure Scot Virgin Oak 43
Sheep Dip
White Horse


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February 2022

Scotch - Single Malt
Aberfeldy (10)
Aberlour (12)
Aberlour (16)
Aberlour (18)
Aberlour Casg Annamh
Aerstone Land Cask (10)
Aerstone Sea Cask (10)
Alchemist - Springbank (10)
Ancnoc (24)
Arran Malt
Arran Non-chilled filtered
Ardberg Supernova
Ardberg Uigeadail
Ardberg Drum Ultimate (limited)
Auchentoshan Lowland

Balblair 1989
Balblair 2000
Balvenie Doublewood
Balvenie (15)
Balvenie Port Wood (21)
Benriach Curiositas (10)

Benromach Cht. Cissac (12)
Boutique (very limited)
     Aultmore (20)
     Balmenach (15)
     Benrinnes (17)
     Blended (50)
     Bowmore (15)
     Bowmore (25)
Bowmore (12)
Bowmore (17)
Bowmore Dusk
Bowmore Darkest
Bowmore Legends
Brora (24)
Bruichladdich (10)
Bruichladdich Link Augusta(14)
Bruichladdich Rocks
Bruichladdich Laddie

Bunnahabain  Ceobanach
Caddenhead Linkwood-Glenlivet (12)
Caol Ila (12)
Classic Cask Ben Nevis (12)
Classic Cask Glen Moray (18)
Craggenmore (12)
Craggemore cask strength
Craigellachie (13)
Dalmore (12)
Dalmore (21)
Dalmore Cigar Malt
Dalmore King Alexander III
Dalwhinnie (15)
Dewar Rattray Miltonduff(26)
Dewar Rattray Strathclyde(37)
Douglas Laing Glenrothes(19)
Duncan Taylor Inverleven (26)
Duncan Taylor Longmorn (21)
Aerstone Land Cask (10)
Edradour (10)
Finlaggan old RSV 

G. MacPhail Linkwood(15)
G. MacPhail Macallan(10)
G. MacPhail Glenburgie(15)
Game of Thrones (very limited)
      Johnnie Walker
Glen Allachie sngl malt (12)
Glen Allachie sngl cask (15)
Glen Deveron
Glen Kirk
Glen Moray
Glen Moray (12)
Glen Moray (15)

Glen Salen

Glenallachie (12)
Glencadam Origin 1825
Glencadam (13)
Glencadam (21)
Glendronach (12)
Glen Garioch (8)
Glenglassaugh Revival
Glenkeith 912)
Glenkinchie (10)
Glenfiddich cask
Glenfiddich Grand Reserva (21)
Glengoyne (10)
Glengoyne (12)
Glengoyne (15)
Glengoyne (21)
Glengoyne (25)
Glenfarclas (12)
Glengrant (10)
Glengrant (16)
Glengyle Kilkerran (8
Glenlivet (18)

Glenmorangie (12)
Glenmorangie (15)
Glenmorangie (18)
Glenmorangie Elegance (21)
Glenmorangie Quinta Rubin
Glenmorangie Asta
Glenmorangie Signet

Glenrothes Bourbon Cask
Glenrothes (12)
Gordon Macphail Glenrothes (8)
Gordon Macphail Linkwood (15)
Gordon Macphail MaCallan (9)
Grand Macnish (15)
Highland Park (12)
Highland Park Dark Origin
Highland The Light

Ian Macledd Smokehead High Volt
Ian Macledd Smokehead (6?)

Inchmurrin (10)
Isle of Jura
Isle of Jura Durachs
Isle of Jura Prophecy
Isle of Jura Superstition
Kilchoman Machir Bay

Knockando (18)
Lagavulin (12)
Lagavulin (16)
Lagavulin Master
Laphroaig (10)
Laphroaig (18)
Ledaig (12)
Ledaig (18)
Littlemill (8)
Loch Lomond (12)

Longmorn (15)
Longrow Red(11)
Macallan (10)
Macallan (15)
Macallan (18)
Macallan (21)
Macallan Cask Strength
Macallan Gold dbl cask
Macallan Estate
MacGavin's Highland
MacGavin's Islay
MacGavin's Lowland
McClelland - Lowland
McClelland - Highland
McClellan - Speyside
McCray (15)
McCray (18)
McGabin's - Speyside
McGavin's - Highland
McGavin's - Islay
McGavin's - Lowland
Midleton 2018
Old Ballantruan (10)
Old Cask 1986  (19)
Old Par (12)
Old Pulteney (12)
Pebble Beach (12)
Pittyvaich (25)
Port Askaig (8)
Port Dundas(12)
Port Charlotte - Peat Project
Port Charlotte - Heavy Peat(10)
Provenance Caol Ila (14)
Provenance Highland Park (10)
Robert Burns
Scapa (12)
Scott's Glenlivet 1977 (27)
Signatiry 2000 Auchentoshan (18)
Signatory 1997 Dailuaine (12)
Signatory 1993 Brackla
Signatory 2008 Edradour (10)
Signatory 2006 Glenlivet (10)

Singleton (15)
Singleton (18)
Speyburn (8)
Speyburn (12)
Springbank (10)
Springbank (15)
Springbank (21)
Strathclyde Dewar Rattay (37)
Strathisla (12)
Stronachie (12)
Talisker (10)
Talisker (25)
Talisker Storm
Talisker Edition 92
Tamdhu (10)
Tobermory (10)
Tomintoul (16)
Tormore (12)
Tullibardine (20)
Tullibardine The Murray
Tullibardine (1988)
Tullibardine Burgundy
Tullibardine Sauternes
Tullibardine Sherry
Tullibardine Sovereign
Wolfburn Sherry Oak

Wales Whisky

Penderyn Legend
Penderyn Myth
Penderyn Madeira

Berentzen Caramel (Germany)
Cotswolds sngl malt/cask (England)
Gouden Carolus sngl malt (Belgian) Hellyers Roaring (Australia)
High Coast Dalvve Sig. (Sweden)
High Coast Dalvve Spanish (Sweden)

Milford (New Zealand)
Navazos Cask Strength (Spain)
Nomad Outland (Spain)

Omar Sngl Malt (Taiwan)
Paul John Select Cask (India)
Rampur dbl Cask (India)
Starward Nova (Australia)
Starward Solera (Australia)
Starward Two Fold (Australia)

(##) = years aged
B-i-B = Bottled-in-Bond